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Hiking gaiters are one of the most important accessories that you need to carry while going on a hiking tour. Just imagine how would you manage walking through all those rough trails without a proper pair of snow gaiters? This is why it’s essential to take proper care of your boot gaiters before and after each hiking tour.

To begin with, you should make sure that the shoes are not kept at a place, which is exposed to excessive heat. Try to keep them at room temperature. Make sure you remove all those inserts and insoles from the shoes after a hiking tour. If you’re not sure how to take proper care of your leg gaiters, here are some ideas to consider –

Expert Advice – How to Take Care Of Hiking Shoes

Waterproofing your boots – It’s an important job and you need to consult the manufacturer to know what the proper products to use are. Make sure you waterproof the boots before wearing those for the first time. Silicone, oil-based products, and waxes are usually advised for leather boots.

Clean the shoes properly – When you are done for a day during the hiking tour, clean and wash the boots. Take out the stones and remove all the mud sticking to it. Use a soft toothbrush and some water to clean those areas that are hard to access.

Breaking in the boots – Unless you break in the boots first before using them for the first time, your hiking experience runs the risk of going downhill, sometimes within the first mile. Breaking in the boot gaiters can be easily done by wearing them for short walks around the block or in easy environment like regions around the house. The boots will be ready for hiking once your feet feel comfortable in them. If your feet don’t feel comfortable even after wearing the boots for some time, you should bring them back to the retail store and ask if any adjustment can be made to get them ready for extensive use. No boots can be used for the first time hiking without or your will after the first mile. Then go for short walks around the block, etc. Once your feet feel ok, the boots are ready to go.

If the boots still don’t feel…

Expert Advice – How to Take Care Of Hiking Shoes

Check the laces – You should always check your boot laces for probable lace breaks. It’s advisable to notice defective laces before they break.

Keep them odor-free – Due to regular usage, a foul smell may come out of your running gaiters. Consider applying a small amount of baking soda or foot powder as this will remove most of the smell.

Store the boots properly – It’s advisable to not store hiking boots in a hot basement or a cold attic for a long period of time. Rather, you should make sure that those are kept at normal air temperature.
Although you stay extremely tired after returning from a hiking tour, don’t forget to clean the boots since proper maintenance of your hiking gaiters would ensure their durability.