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There are a lot of people who love hiking and usually spend their holidays by going on a hiking and trekking trip. Only a hiking enthusiast would know that such an adventurous trip is incomplete without hiking gaiters and that the type of hiking gaiters required is dependent on the kind of location that you choose.

This article examines the different types of hiking gaiters that must be selected for each type of hiking trip.

Choose a right gaiter according to the condition

Fond of Hiking? Are You Wearing The Same Gaiter for All The Weather Conditions?

Trail gaiters are a type of breathable and light-weight gaiters that people planning for a hiking trip can opt to purchase. These types of hiking gaiters provide protection in case of trail and light rainfall.

Typically, trail gaiters are about six to ten inches in height. The biggest advantage of a trail gaiter is that these are extremely light-weighed and dry up quickly. These waterproof gaiters are specially designed keeping a trail runner in mind and it helps provide protection against all the possible hazards that a runner may encounter during the adventure.

Ultra Trail gaiters and Sparkplug gaiters are two common examples of trail gaiters. These gaiters can be attached to the laces of the shoes, thus keeping itself secured in its place.

Waterproof breathable gaiters for humid/watery/snowy weather conditions

Fond of Hiking? Are You Wearing The Same Gaiter for All The Weather Conditions?

Some hiking and trekking locations are always prone to snowy and wet conditions. For places where snowfall is a rule rather than an exception, you can purchase waterproof breathable gaiters

These hiking gaiters will prove to be a valuable investment in the future as they can comfortably deflect both wind and water, while keeping the inside of the gaiter completely dry.

These waterproof gaiters are perfectly suitable for those who often visit treeline and prairies. However, opt for breathable and waterproof gaiters as it may get a little uncomfortable to wear just the waterproof gaiters in hot and humid conditions. In addition, if the area is swampy, purchase a pair of snake proof gaiters that is breathable.

Alpine gaiters for all-purpose, all weather conditions

Fond of Hiking? Are You Wearing The Same Gaiter for All The Weather Conditions?

Alpine gaiters are also referred to as all-round gaiters. These general-purpose leg gaiters are suitable for all types of activities, including mountaineering, hiking, snowshoeing and skiing.

The biggest advantage of using alpine gaiters is that these offer an added protection in case of water and rock abrasion. These are typically made up of a breathable and waterproof material on the upper side. The lower side, which offers an extra protection of the ankle and the feet against rocks, sticks and trail debris, is made up of and abrasion-resistant material.

These general purpose leg gaiters are also available in knee length, which provides extra protection.

Expedition gaiters for trips in harsh weather conditions

Fond of Hiking? Are You Wearing The Same Gaiter for All The Weather Conditions?

Expedition gaiters are a heavy-duty version of the normal leg gaiters. These gaiters are specially designed to provide an extreme protection, especially in cases of severe or harsh environmental conditions. In addition to super protection, expedition gaiters also provide insulation and for the same reason, these are best suited for mountaineering missions.

Expedition sports-style gaiters are made up of three layers of comfortable, breathable and waterproof fabric. These leg gaiters are best suited for long mountaineering trips that exposes an individual to extremely cold climate and harsh conditions. These gaiters have circumference so that they can easily fit on top of insulated pants that mountaineers wear. While ski boots are fine when it comes to protection during a hiking trip, gaiters provide an added protection to the feet in the case of harsh conditions and also help keep the mind of the adventurer focused.

Hiking gaiters enable people to move forward comfortably without the appearance of a single blister even when they walk miles in a day. However, it is important to make sure that you choose the right gaiters. The choice of hiking gaiters should depend on the king of hiking trip you are about to make and the activities that you would participate in.